Madrigals Magic Key to German

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Items related to Madrigal's Magic Key to German; illustrations by Condition: Near Fine Hardcover. Save for Later. About this Item Stated First Edition. No dust jacket. Ex-library: black library buckram with white spine title and call number; number stamped at lower edge of table of contents page.

Madrigal's Magic Key To Spanish: Gringo Review | GringosAbroad

No other library markings. In Near Fine Condition: ex-library with clean and solid library binding; lacking lower corner of pp. Join Date Apr Posts 6, Please read this message!!! Join Date Always Posts Many. Tags for this Thread book , building , communicate , english , exercises , french , german , grammar , grammatical , interactive , introduction , italian , language , learn to speak , learning , makes , patterns , pronunciation , spanish , speaking , students , time , understanding , vocabulary , words.

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Can you reccomend? It looks quite good and have ordered the Kindle version.

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I wonder if this us where Michel Thomas got his idea from as it looks very much like his course but in book form. I think it was produced before his course although I could be wrong about that.

Michel Thomas is fairly famous for quick language acquisition. Like with many formulaic systems, though, his approach works better for speaking than listening comprehension. A human tutor or immersion is our best bet there. I ordered this book from Amazon.

Madrigal's Magic Key to German (Learning German)

Just a quick browse through the book tells me how very useful it will be. Even if it's not one's favorite method of learning, all of the conversion tricks make a handy reference guide when we fail at rote memorizing techniques. It is an excellent supplemental tool to use with Duolingo and audio tools to learn pronunciation videos, podcasts, StudySpanish.

It is a great experience. I love how she covers the mostly used words and verbs. Past tense is used more commonly than present tense. They don't really work as well. I do try using this program with Madrigal. Any other suggestions? This book is really sweet, especially if you keep with it.

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It looks thicker than it is with a paperback novel sized format and a lot of space between words and illustrations by andy warhol of all people. I got the German version now too, and it's really good for learning in a more nuanced way than Duolingo's approach, which is what I'm finding best for practicing speaking and rote memorization of general usage along with vocabulary building. Yes, but the additional or different tenses in European Spanish are few enough to seem easily enough added later. It's very good at helping you recognize and "create" thousands of cognates. But the most bizarre thing about it is that the illustrations are by Andy Warhol, which probably won't impress anyone too young to remember him.

I am currently reading this, on "Leccion Numero Cinco". So far, its been good, easy to read and clearly gives good examples of the fundamentals in the Spanish language. Helps you learn a lot of Spanish words that are similar to english and how to structure them into Spanish vocabulary. I like the conversation exercises, because I practice them with my Mexican friends. Anyways good book, I recommend. I have had muchos problemas with Rosetta Stone and voice recognition and so I have switched over to DL and Madrigal's and love both of them.

Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish?

I had a online subscription with RS and just didn't renew it. Reading his other comments, though, I thought it was different from Madrigal's.

You're probably right.